Tuesday, 19 August 2014

[2014, Exhibition] Talk to me, Darling - Mokspace, London

Long time absolutely no post here :(
Sorry about that (If anyone waited for my news!!! )

There are so many things to post here
but the most important thing is I'm back to London now.
I'm having my 2nd solo exhibition at Mokspace in London until 6th of September.
The title of the current exhibition is 'Talk to me, Darling'

If you are in London, please do visit my exhibition and say hello~
I am going to be at the gallery almost everyday!! (Except Wednesdays!)

Hopefully I can post more often here from now on!

Recently I am on Instagram (Finally!)
You can find my very frequent posting on Instagram.
My id is jejeviva! If you are on Instagram, follow me~~~ :)

More info!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Last summer, I was there

 Last summer, I was truly busy with drawing, drawing and drawing. 
My special summer in London
I won't forget the time, the place.
Yes, I was there.

ⓒThe Drawing Hand - Jieun Kim

Friday, 13 September 2013

Opening Party - Jieun Kim Solo Exhibition 'Serendipity' 2013 (1)

Oh, Today's the 10th day of my exhibition 'Serendipity'.
I'm posting at the gallery, Mokspace (www.mokspace.com) in London.

I cannot describe my feeling about the whole journey of my exhibition.
Instead of words, I would like to share the photos from the opening day of my exhibition.
The wonderful photographer Maksim (http://www.maksimkalanep.info) took the photos for me!

Thank you all!!!! 
Here we go now!

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Jieun Kim illustration exhibition cards - SERENDIPITY

Oh, I am truly nervous as the date is getting closer everyday!
However, it's been so great to have my full time for drawing and doing something which I  love!

Here are some more photos of my invitation postcards.
I drew this illustration specially for the exhibition invitation.
It is all about my life in London, the people, places and my feeling.
London life made myself to want to be an illustrator and draw more!
Before I came to London, I (kind of) gave up being an illustrator
because of the many talented people who make their wonderful works.
I didn't think, couldn't think of my position as an illustrator among the people.
Having said that, It's been dramatically changed since I came to London.

Still long way to go and need to practice a lot.
However, I'm a bit more confident than before and enjoying my work a lot!
It is good, isn't it?

My exhibition is all about how I could find myself and my dream again in this big city - London, of course throughout my works - illustrations!

If you want to share my stories and passion about my illustrations, do come to my exhibition!
It will be serendipitious time for me and you. :)

4th - 15th September 2013
Mokspace, 33 Museum Street, London WC1A 1LH
Opening party - 4th September 2013, 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Postcard project 2013 #1

I've been doing one project - 'Postcard project 2013' via my korean blog.
(Yes, I have one more blog which I'm posting in Korean. haha!)
I started it from May and I've sent 11 postcards so far.
Every month there are 3-5 people selected by me randomly and I draw postcards and send it to them.

The postcard drawing is normally very simple but something related my current life.
It is still a young project but I wanna carry on and play with it more.

So here are the images of my postcards which were sent to the special selected people!
I thought I could share the images here my English blog.
Maybe I will keep doing this project internationally.

By the way, the photos were taken by the receivers, not me.
Until they receive the postcard by post, I don't reveal the images or stories about the postcard.
When they get the postcard, they take a photo of it and send it to me.
With the process, I wanna communicate and contact with people through my drawings.

 #1 Dublin

#2 A rainy day in London

#3 You're never alone!

#4 My vintage dress

More postcards will be posted tomorrow. Good night!!

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Working on my invitation card!! :)

I'm having a good Sunday. :) How about you??
Well, I just got one project finished and sent the invoice to my client! Yeah!
Also, I'm working on the invitation design for my first solo exhibition.
Hopefully, I can send the file to the printer by tomorrow. 

Yeap, You are right!
The tittle of my exhibition is 'Serendipity'.
There will be more chances to say about my exhibition 'Serendipity'.
I'd like to use my hand-writing for the invitation. 
It looks a bit naive, but I do like the feeling of it.

Which version do you like??
It's the decision time!! :)

Friday, 2 August 2013

Love from Korea

I got a parcel yesterday.
It was from my friend in Korea. She sent me two b/w photos of me.
One is from long time ago when we met in Seoul before I came to the UK.
Oh, it is already 5 years ago.
And the other is a photo which she took when she visited me in London about two years ago.
My look hasn't changed much (i hope so! lol), but there is one big difference between those time and now.

I introduce myself as an illustrator now. :)
I am so happy with being 'the drawing hand'.

Thank you my friend for the lovely photos!