Sunday, 20 March 2011

[016] the lovely moment

I was there.
In the small cafe just beside the beach, I was drawing.
Of course, there were two cups of coffee.

[015] My belongings

What do you need when you go a weekend trip?
Is there any special item you should bring?
These thing are my belongings for my 3 days.
Of course, it will be different depends on the location, season and travelling reason,

If I go somewhere outside London tomorrow for a day trip??
1. a sketchbook, pencils, a black pen
2. a MP3 player
3. a book
4. a digital camera
5. Chocolate
6. my mobile phone
And I hope I need a pair of sunglasses! :)

Friday, 18 March 2011

[014] Bon voyage!

There are always many people at airport.
They have different reasons why they are travelling and also different places to go.
I sometimes guess what their stories are, when I have plenty of time because I have to wait for the flight.
Normally, I don't like waiting for a long time. (Of course, who likes it?)
However, I think I quite enjoy the time when I'm waiting for the flight at airport.
I can expect that going to somewhere and travelling strange places with pleasure will come to me very soon.
Bon voyage!

[013] one family

Whenever I see a group of people who seem like a family, I really miss my family.
I saw one black and white family photo and did this drawing.
Yes, I miss them.