Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

I wish all of you who are visiting my blog, a merry Christmas and happy new year!
I've just done this X-mas illustration. :)
Hope you like it and feel more joyful Christmas mood.

For the record, I'm working on my new portfolio website.
If I am not THAT lazy, you will see my new website in January.
Furthermore, I'm planning(!) to do more interesting projects (for me)
in order to enjoy my london life more and more.

Well, Well!

Enjoy the end of 2011!!!

Friday, 16 December 2011

[Animation] My favourite food: a little story

I posted some still images from this animation long time ago.
Show time. ;)

[Old stuff] n1_ it's from my old notebook

My holiday has begun!!! Yeh.
Yes, it is. Being on holiday is not same as doing nothing. :P
I really hope so.
Firstly, I've been checking my old stuff in my laptop hard drive because I didn't check it since i started working on my final project with my MA course. :( It means there are full of images and files which I never check again or even I cannot remember why I save them.

Anyhow, I found this scan image of my notebook which I used during my MA course.
These pages are quite begining of the notebook.
Even this doodle is calling me a lazy person.
Yes, still I am. :(

YEh, it's my holiday!

Friday, 25 November 2011

[024] Post something everyday!?

Yes, it will be hard. :(
I played a bit with my lazy colour pencils and acrylics.
Their movement seemed very dull.
Sorry, well, let's do more exercise then?

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

[023] Welcome back!

Obviously, I have to admit that I have been so lazy.
My last post was done in June. Yes, It’s such a long time ago.
What’s happened in my life??
Well, I'm still in London but I'm not a student anymore.
I'm again very free to do whatever I want. (Maybe, it's too much freedom. : P)

In fact, I really wanted to make my blog working very actively.
It was just my wish. BOOOOM!

Anyhow, I've come back with my newest(!) small drawing.
It is for my friend Mitsuko, who studied with me in the language school in London.
She visited London again for her holiday and luckily we got a chance to catch up.
I couldn't prepare something special, but this small drawing.

I met many people from many different sides of world in London.
Sadly, it is very very difficult to meet them again after they went back their home countries.
Yep, for the reason, having a chance to meet up Mitsuko again after one year is great and meaningful!
I was really glad to meet her!!!
This is my welcome message for her.
Now, she is in Japan now and I'm in London.

I hope we can meet up sooner than we think! :)

Saturday, 25 June 2011

[022] the season of ice coffee

I'm not sure whethere having coffee is good or not.
But, I'm sure I need it everyday.
Yes, Summer is the season of ice coffee!!!!
Let's make it!

Strong coffee + sugar (I love sweat ice coffee!) + Soya milk + ICE
It's my homemade ice coffee.


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

[021] my love - Topokki

Topokki is my favourite korean food!
I used to have topokki amost everyday when I was a student.
Food is not just food, it's the special memory and time.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

[020] eco echo - illustration & poster design


I have been working with the University of seoul community welfare center for 4-5 years.
Luckily, I was asked to design the poster for their special event again.
This illustration and poster designs are what I've done for last a couple of days.
I tried to illustrate their activities and the location.

They hold the volunteer camp every year in order to educate young people to think about the meaning of  volunteerism. In fact, korean students are encouraged to volunteer for a society with good purposes, but it seems that they are doing by force. For the reason, the center came up with this idea. During the camp(for 3days), the young people can learn the true meaning of volunteerism and also do "the real voulunteer job". Since 2008, they have been interested in the environmental issues.

I like working with them because I can have special chances to think about different social issues and
be engaged on their meaningful jobs. Well, it's the origin where my MA research came from. :)

Size : 420mm * 600mm
Tool : Adobe illustrator / photoshop / indesign

<more detail cuts and the poster designs>

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

[019] Let's think!

There are so many things to do and think.
I wanna have 48 hours per day.
Well, it's time to sleep.
Let's think tomorrow!
Good night!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

[Exhibition] Hand-drawn London (Museum of London)

When I was extremely busy with my assessement, I heard about this samll exhibition "Hand-drwan London". Altough there wasn't any free time, I just went to Museum of London to see the exhibition.
Well, it was worthy to visit!
There were 11 hand-drawn maps of London.
Among them, some maps looked very professional but the others did not.
However, every map was lovely and inspiring. 
As it's described on the website (,
it's not as a factual or geographical tool, but based on the individual experience,
perceptions and imaginations of Londoners.

This exhibition reminded me how strong the power of hand drawings is!!
The hand drawings have somthing more than photography or digital images have.

So, my conclusion is?
I should carry on my hand drwaing!!

[018] This is for my lovely friend.

This small paining is for my lovely friend.
I wanted to give her something special because it was her birthday.
I found the small size canvas which I bought long time ago.
(In fact, it's my first time to drawing somting on the canvas! What a fun!)
Using brushes was not familiar but I really enjoyed the time.
I wanted to give her postive and bright energy through my painting.
Yellow green is one of her favourite colours!

Happy birthday to you again.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

[017] from my old sketchbook - travelling sketches

It was my frist time to travel on my own in 2006.
I was really happy with the sketchbook and one black pen. I didn't need any special root or plan.
I simply enjoyed every single moment. I was happy, excited, sad, tired and lonely. 
After travelling for 75days, I came back with two sketchbooks and one diary.
There were lots of stories, places and people.
I would like to find the speical feeling and enthusiasm which I had at that time. 

Sunday, 20 March 2011

[016] the lovely moment

I was there.
In the small cafe just beside the beach, I was drawing.
Of course, there were two cups of coffee.

[015] My belongings

What do you need when you go a weekend trip?
Is there any special item you should bring?
These thing are my belongings for my 3 days.
Of course, it will be different depends on the location, season and travelling reason,

If I go somewhere outside London tomorrow for a day trip??
1. a sketchbook, pencils, a black pen
2. a MP3 player
3. a book
4. a digital camera
5. Chocolate
6. my mobile phone
And I hope I need a pair of sunglasses! :)

Friday, 18 March 2011

[014] Bon voyage!

There are always many people at airport.
They have different reasons why they are travelling and also different places to go.
I sometimes guess what their stories are, when I have plenty of time because I have to wait for the flight.
Normally, I don't like waiting for a long time. (Of course, who likes it?)
However, I think I quite enjoy the time when I'm waiting for the flight at airport.
I can expect that going to somewhere and travelling strange places with pleasure will come to me very soon.
Bon voyage!

[013] one family

Whenever I see a group of people who seem like a family, I really miss my family.
I saw one black and white family photo and did this drawing.
Yes, I miss them.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

[012] the beautiful sky

It was one of my favorite moments with the beautiful sky!
I couldn't do anything else, just I had to look at the sky.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

[011] a traveller's free mind

I used to draw many buildings when I travelled like this sketch.
When I arrived in the UK at first, I thought I could live with a traveller's mind. Now, it's very clear I was wrong. I haven't explored London since I came here. It seems like I lost my traveller's mind and attitude.
In fact, I decided to come here for my study when I was travelling Europe 5 years ago.
The cultural atmosphere was impressive, that's why I'm here now.
It was the first time to travel on my own. Travelling alone for 75 days gave me lots of time to think about what I wanted to do for my life. I loved drawing on my skechbooks under the sunshine and listening to music. Also, I met many people at that time, I couldn't feel lonely because of the kind and lovely people.
I thought and believed that I was really really lucky.

Well, for now, I'm living in my dream which I dreamt 5 years ago. However, I sometimes feel sad and lonely unlike 5 years ago, the worst thing is I often forget How lucky I am!
It isn't that late, I'll find my free mind and attitude again as a lucky traveller.
Anyhow, I believe that we are all traveller on the earth.


Monday, 21 February 2011

[010] What did I buy for my happiness?

About 2 weeks ago, I went to the art shop and then came back with these items.
Whenever I go to the art shops, I'm just really happy and happy.
I like looking at the art stuff even though I don't use them or I haven't use them in my life!
Of course, I like buying them as well. It's one of my favorite shopping spaces.
In particular, on that day, they gave me some free stuff! I loveeeeed it! (I don't need them though! :P)
I bought those which made me happy and creative - Well, it's not 100% true.
However, I couldn't buy the beautiful oil-pastels...... oh! The colours were awesome!
What an unfilled desire! :{

Friday, 11 February 2011

[009] Belonging & Belongings Exhibition

We did the exhibition - "Belonging & Belongings" video installations for two days.
Above drawing is the exhibition place. Well, It was an interesting experience.
In fact, we finished this project - 'Belonging & Belongings' which was a collaborative project with STBY last year. The project was a design research about the online and offline identities. We worked as a group and made a film in order to show our perseptive on the topic. There were total five groups, we started with the same brief but the results of each group were obviously different. It wasn't an easy project to do because we had to make a documentary film which was unfamiliar to us. Even though it was hard, I enjoyed the project because it showed me the different way of design thinking and approach.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

[008] The special guest

One of my friends visited me from Seoul last weekend. It was such a great time, even though it was extremely short, just 3 nights!!!!! I have known her ever since we were 12-13 years old. (In fact, I can't remember how old we were exactely.) I wanted to show her as many things as possible! It was impossible though. She is now in Paris for the rest of her holiday. I hope she is having a good time in Paris.
This was a samll drawing for her as a gift to remember the time which we were together in London. :)

[Exhibition] Gabriel Orozco

Gabriel Orozco
Tate Modern 19 January  –  25 April 2011

Creative, playful and inventive, Gabriel Orozco creates art in the streets, his apartment or wherever he is inspired. Born in Mexico but working across the globe, Orozco is renowned for his endless experimentation with found objects, which he subtly alters.
His sculptures, often made of everyday things that have interested him, reveal new ways of looking at something familiar. A skull with a geometric pattern carefully drawn onto it, a classic Citroën DS car which the artist sliced into thirds, removing the central part to exaggerate its streamlined design, and a scroll filled with numbers cut out of a phone book are just some of his unique sculptures.
Orozco’s photos are also on display, capturing the beauty of fleeting moments: water collecting in a punctured football, tins of cat food arranged on top of watermelons in a supermarket, or condensed breath disappearing from the surface of a piano show Orozco’s eye for simple but surprising and powerful images.
His art also shows his fascination with game-playing, for example a billiard table with no pockets and a pendulum-like hanging ball, or Knights Running Endlessly, an extended chess board filled with an army of horses, both of which are well-known games to which he has added an element of futility. This kind of unexpected twist makes Orozco’s work interesting to both contemporary art lovers and also anyone who wants an unusual and captivating art experience.

- text :
- image : a drawing after visiting the exhibition

It was really interesting, his unique perspective inspired me with his art works.
One of my favourites was the photographic series 'Until you find another yellow schwalbe 1995'. During a residency in Berline, he bought a yellow schwalbe - a motorscooter. Then he was looking for matching scooters in the city, he took the photos of the pair wherever they 'met'. It's a funny idea!!! I like the point which he has been trying to create art with his daily life.
Well, let's do it something within everyday life! :)

Friday, 28 January 2011

[007] My desk + 3 items

Oh, I'm getting lazy again. :( Well, I haven't posted anything for a week. It's not good, is it?
My desk is one of my favorite parts in my room, it could be because I don't have enough space for myself!? I draw here, study here, eat here, watch movies and TV here. As you can see, there are many photos and images on my wall. Those things are telling that this space belongs to me! By the way, I wanna have a bigger desk!
Also, there are three items which are very important to live in London.
Firstly, it's my mobile phone.
Seondly, it's my key!
Finally, the OYSTER card... without this, I cannot go anywhere...
That's all my sketches which I've been trying to escape from my laziness.
Good night night!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

[006] It's my HOME in London.

"Our analysis, so far, suggests a convergence between a fundamental ontological condition of homelessness and the production of the unsustainable by human agency. This is now especially evident in relation to the environmental impacts of the culture and economy of globalisation. The progressive abandonment of the rural environment in many countries and the massive concentrations of people in urban conurbations (especially in the ‘newly developing world) are establishing conditions of increased vulnerability. Cities, and especially mega-cities, massively magnify the contradictory essence of the home as a place of warmth, sustainment, and security as well as of destruction."
- Homelessness: A Philosophical Architecture / Tony Fry

This room is my home in London. :)

[005] I wish I could...

It was sunny yesterday in London.
It was sunny again today in London. How lucky I am!!!
Well, I saw the blue sky and loved it! ^________^
I wrote my wall on Facebook yesterday, "I love blue sky!". After that, some of my friends talked about weather, they had a raining day. :( Simply, I wish I could share the blue sky with my friends. That's why I draw two sketches.
I want to be a designer who can share my ideas and feelings with people by my designs. :) good night!

Monday, 17 January 2011


This writing is the ouline of my research. It was very difficult to decide which subject I would study through my course. Finally, I've got this one, 'Social Design'. (In fact, I'm still a bit confused.) I studied Social Welfare before studing Design. Because of my educational background, I am naturally interested in social problems and their remedis. Well, I hope that I find out what my real position and goal are as a graphic designer.
It is the start of my long journey! I will post more case studies, results of my research in order to make me work more and more. Wish me luck!


It is certainly true that designers’ help is needed everywhere. In other words, nowadays we have more opportunities to work as designers. Designers are trying to make many things work and look good. However, is it truly enough to design things only beautiful? What else can I do as a designer?
I believe that being concerned about the problems and the real situations of society is a natural liability as a citizen. Milton Glaser, who is a famous American graphic designer, says “Good design is good citizenship”. Some people would argue about what “good design” means. For this reason, I would like to study, analyse and compare some cases in order to define “good design” and also find out what the responsible role of designers is in a design process.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

[004] It's one of the reasons.

Well, I went to see the exhibition "Gauguin : maker of myth" in Tate modern yesterday. Finally!!!
(Today is the last day!  I almost missed it!) I like the exhibitions which we can see closer and know closer about artists' works and their lives. This exhibition is one of those.

It was a great time except there were so many late people who wanted to see the special exhibition like me. I know I should accept that I'm lucky because I didn't miss it at least! There were totla 11 rooms which had different themes. Among them, I liked the room 4-Gauguin's drawings. I like seeing artists' drawings because I could notice how they have made their efforts in order to achieve their artistic or personal goals. It makes me do the same like them. Do my best for my goal!
Well, Well. Come back to the exhibition. I found out Gauguin's humor in his works. We (I went with my friend.) really enjoyed the exhibition. When I reached the room 8 - life and times 1889-1903, I read the sentences, "Gauguin's first stay in Tahiti lasted from 1891 to June 1893. Despite loneliness and financial worries, Gauguin worked productively, 'I am quite pleased with my recent works', he wrote to Mette in June 1892."
-Despite loneliness and financial worries...
It said he was just like me but he worked productively. Wow, so that's why he is one of great artists.
In couclusion, I like him more than before after this exhibition.
Despite loneliness and financial worries in London, I will work productively! :)

Well, going to the great exhibitions and having coffee with friends...
It is one of the reasons why we are in London, isn't it?

Saturday, 15 January 2011

[003] Mum, can we go home?

I heard a very sad story today.
The story was about one boy who gave up his life to save his brother from raging Brisbane floods. As we could see news, the floods are very serious in Australia. We are so weak in front of the power of nature. However, he showed us, how strong and brave we can be even if he was in a danger. Well, many newpapers called him a hero. I saw his photo on a website, he was a little lovely boy who loved his family very much. He was just 13 years old.
I'm really sorry, Jordan.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

[002] Sometimes I realise I'm in London.

Well, it could sound strange.
Sometimes, I realise I am in London. In other words, I normally forget I am in London. Studying in London was one of my biggest dreams 3 years ago. I'm living in my dream now. However, it is difficult to know how lucky I am. Even I'm moaning and groaning. :(
I would like to change my attitude to my life.
Stop moaning and being lazy!
Let's enjoy my great time in my life!
Bravo my life!