Sunday, 28 October 2012

I became 'The Drawing Hand'

It's been ages since I posted my last post here. It was in June!!!!!!
I feel a bit shame.

So I would like to post more about 2012, before we say good-bye to 2012,
(I'm not totally sure how many posts I would write here, but I will do my best!)
In fact, I have many stories which I would love to share with my a few readers here.
There is nothing big, but so many small but happy stories.

Firstly, I became 'The Drawing Hand'!!

The Drawing Hand is my illustration brand name.
It's a direct, simple and very honest name in order to present my works and myself.
I always say 'I like drawing'.
However, I didn't consider that drawing would be my career.
Finally, I decided to be more brave with something what I really like to do. (Never too late!!)
There were so many thoughts about my brand name.

After the long time of hard consideration, I became 'The Drawing Hand'.

So, this is the first logo design of The Drawing Hand.

I believe that I have 'The Drawing Hand'.
I believe that I use 'The Drawing Hand' to make people smile.

It's the beginning of  'The Drawing Hand'.