Monday, 31 December 2012

I'm ready!!!

I'm ready to say hello 2013!
Take care of me, plz! :)
Let's make a good year again.
Happy New Year!!!!
새해 복 많이 받으세요!

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Looking back to 2012 - Part 1: Life

I wanted to look back my 2012 with my photos.
Not many intereting photos but here they are.
+ Looking back to 2012, Part 1: Life +
January 2012
Cold + Lonely

February 2012
@ Covent Garden with my friend and her husband

March 2012 - 1
Travelling to Brussels
with Julie, Ines and Joana

March 2012 - 2
the sketch tour in Lewis
with Mie and Caroline

April - 2012
Don't be lazy and have a fun.

May - 2012
Design week with free beer

June - 2012
Summer time in River Thames

July - 2012
Graduation ceremony

August - 2012
Greenwich Market + the basket ball match

September - 2012
She was in London with me.

October - 2012
Halloween @ Greenwich Market

November - 2012
Vitamin C

December - 2012
Again winter in London!
Skating @ Somerset house
- I didn't but they did.
One. wanna go to travel
two. should take more photos in 2013
three. Part 2 or Part 3!?

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Flat 216, Our room in London

Our Sunday @Flat 216
I wanted to drew our room for long time.
to remember our London life in my way.
There were me and my roommate MK.
I was drawing and
she was writing an essay.
I know I will miss this time very much.


Friday, 30 November 2012

Let's Fly 2013 - illustration calendar

I'm glad to show my first ever illustration calendar - Let's Fly 2013 (하늘을 나는 2013)
Here are the illustrations about 12 ways how to fly.
Each month show the imaginary way of flying.
January - Dumbo (덤보)
February - Angel (천사)
March - Rocket shoes (로켓신발)
April - Balloon (풍선)
May - Dandelions (민들레씨)
June - Blanket (담요)
July - Umbrella (우산)
August - Jonathan Livingston Seagull (갈매기의 꿈: 조나단 리빙스턴)
September - Bicycle (자전거)
October -Helicopter (헬리콥터)
November - Butterflies (나비)
December - Be happy (행복하기)
Which one is your favourite way of flying?
Personally the best way of flying is 'being happy'.
When we are happy, we feel like flying.
Don't we??
Let's flying in 2013.
Let's be happy in 2013.
This is the message of my illustration calendar after all.
You can buy it at Greenwich Market in London.
also don't forget my online store -
*한국에서 구입을 원하시는 경우 메일주세요*

Monday, 19 November 2012

Illustration greeting cards

There are so many things to post.
(However, I didn't do that;;;;;)

Anyhow, the greeting cards arrived last week.
There are 4 different illustrations.
1. A bird with books winter ver.
2. Bicycle
3. Friendship
4. Dancing Trio Xmas ver.

interested? You can buy my online shop. ;)

Good to see the printed one!

In fact, I got this poster long time ago.
I designed the poster in July and I coudln't see the final print because
the event was in Seoul, Korea.
Luckily, my friend came to London with the poster and booklet.

Finally I took some photos of them and I wanna share here.
Here they are!

Hope I can do better job next year!
(If they ask me to do again~! ;)


Monday, 5 November 2012

Badge pack #2 - "You've got a message"

I have one more to show!

Badge pack #2 - You've got a message!


5 designs - limited edition(!)
size: Square 38mm
I'm OK
Bon Voyage
Merry Everyday
I'm a dreamer
Wanna Fly
Which one is your favourite?
For now, For me...
it would be I'm OK.

New product! - Badge pack #1 "I know what my friends love"

Did you have a good weekend?

I decided to post more often but it's not easy. Haha!
However, I must post this one because I have new products to show~!
I received my shiny badges last week.

The first badge pack - "I know what my friends love".

5 different designs - limited edition
Coffee / Bicycle / Camera / Books / Sewing machine
size: Square 38mm
You can have all of them.
Also, you can share them with your friends.
Let's think about what your friends love.
Yes, it will be good for her.
Yes, it will make him smile.
I know what my friends love.
In fact, I love all of them. haha!