Thursday, 2 December 2010

[illust] Don't Cry

I know me, I'm quite tearful.
So I cry quite often and easily.
To be honest, I don't like it.
However, I can not help myself.
I cry when I am really happy.
I cry when I am really sad.
I cry when I miss you.
I cry when my feeling is full with something.
 I was crying when I draw this.
And then I stopped it after finishing this.
Yes, it's truely winter.
It's the reason.
Good night.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The frist post & the second winter in London.

It's my first post here. ;-)
I feel excited and a bit strange, because I'm writing in English. (haha)
Actually, I have a blog in a Korean blog site, even though I don't use it often.
I want to share something with people in English. It would be my works, experiences, thought, etc.
I'm studying in London now, so it means I have to use English everyday.
It's still very hard. Sadly forever!?
Anyhow, I'm having the second winter in London.
It's very cold.

Good night!