Tuesday, 19 August 2014

[2014, Exhibition] Talk to me, Darling - Mokspace, London

Long time absolutely no post here :(
Sorry about that (If anyone waited for my news!!! )

There are so many things to post here
but the most important thing is I'm back to London now.
I'm having my 2nd solo exhibition at Mokspace in London until 6th of September.
The title of the current exhibition is 'Talk to me, Darling'

If you are in London, please do visit my exhibition and say hello~
I am going to be at the gallery almost everyday!! (Except Wednesdays!)

Hopefully I can post more often here from now on!

Recently I am on Instagram (Finally!)
You can find my very frequent posting on Instagram.
My id is jejeviva! If you are on Instagram, follow me~~~ :)

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