Friday, 28 January 2011

[007] My desk + 3 items

Oh, I'm getting lazy again. :( Well, I haven't posted anything for a week. It's not good, is it?
My desk is one of my favorite parts in my room, it could be because I don't have enough space for myself!? I draw here, study here, eat here, watch movies and TV here. As you can see, there are many photos and images on my wall. Those things are telling that this space belongs to me! By the way, I wanna have a bigger desk!
Also, there are three items which are very important to live in London.
Firstly, it's my mobile phone.
Seondly, it's my key!
Finally, the OYSTER card... without this, I cannot go anywhere...
That's all my sketches which I've been trying to escape from my laziness.
Good night night!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

[006] It's my HOME in London.

"Our analysis, so far, suggests a convergence between a fundamental ontological condition of homelessness and the production of the unsustainable by human agency. This is now especially evident in relation to the environmental impacts of the culture and economy of globalisation. The progressive abandonment of the rural environment in many countries and the massive concentrations of people in urban conurbations (especially in the ‘newly developing world) are establishing conditions of increased vulnerability. Cities, and especially mega-cities, massively magnify the contradictory essence of the home as a place of warmth, sustainment, and security as well as of destruction."
- Homelessness: A Philosophical Architecture / Tony Fry

This room is my home in London. :)

[005] I wish I could...

It was sunny yesterday in London.
It was sunny again today in London. How lucky I am!!!
Well, I saw the blue sky and loved it! ^________^
I wrote my wall on Facebook yesterday, "I love blue sky!". After that, some of my friends talked about weather, they had a raining day. :( Simply, I wish I could share the blue sky with my friends. That's why I draw two sketches.
I want to be a designer who can share my ideas and feelings with people by my designs. :) good night!

Monday, 17 January 2011


This writing is the ouline of my research. It was very difficult to decide which subject I would study through my course. Finally, I've got this one, 'Social Design'. (In fact, I'm still a bit confused.) I studied Social Welfare before studing Design. Because of my educational background, I am naturally interested in social problems and their remedis. Well, I hope that I find out what my real position and goal are as a graphic designer.
It is the start of my long journey! I will post more case studies, results of my research in order to make me work more and more. Wish me luck!


It is certainly true that designers’ help is needed everywhere. In other words, nowadays we have more opportunities to work as designers. Designers are trying to make many things work and look good. However, is it truly enough to design things only beautiful? What else can I do as a designer?
I believe that being concerned about the problems and the real situations of society is a natural liability as a citizen. Milton Glaser, who is a famous American graphic designer, says “Good design is good citizenship”. Some people would argue about what “good design” means. For this reason, I would like to study, analyse and compare some cases in order to define “good design” and also find out what the responsible role of designers is in a design process.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

[004] It's one of the reasons.

Well, I went to see the exhibition "Gauguin : maker of myth" in Tate modern yesterday. Finally!!!
(Today is the last day!  I almost missed it!) I like the exhibitions which we can see closer and know closer about artists' works and their lives. This exhibition is one of those.

It was a great time except there were so many late people who wanted to see the special exhibition like me. I know I should accept that I'm lucky because I didn't miss it at least! There were totla 11 rooms which had different themes. Among them, I liked the room 4-Gauguin's drawings. I like seeing artists' drawings because I could notice how they have made their efforts in order to achieve their artistic or personal goals. It makes me do the same like them. Do my best for my goal!
Well, Well. Come back to the exhibition. I found out Gauguin's humor in his works. We (I went with my friend.) really enjoyed the exhibition. When I reached the room 8 - life and times 1889-1903, I read the sentences, "Gauguin's first stay in Tahiti lasted from 1891 to June 1893. Despite loneliness and financial worries, Gauguin worked productively, 'I am quite pleased with my recent works', he wrote to Mette in June 1892."
-Despite loneliness and financial worries...
It said he was just like me but he worked productively. Wow, so that's why he is one of great artists.
In couclusion, I like him more than before after this exhibition.
Despite loneliness and financial worries in London, I will work productively! :)

Well, going to the great exhibitions and having coffee with friends...
It is one of the reasons why we are in London, isn't it?

Saturday, 15 January 2011

[003] Mum, can we go home?

I heard a very sad story today.
The story was about one boy who gave up his life to save his brother from raging Brisbane floods. As we could see news, the floods are very serious in Australia. We are so weak in front of the power of nature. However, he showed us, how strong and brave we can be even if he was in a danger. Well, many newpapers called him a hero. I saw his photo on a website, he was a little lovely boy who loved his family very much. He was just 13 years old.
I'm really sorry, Jordan.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

[002] Sometimes I realise I'm in London.

Well, it could sound strange.
Sometimes, I realise I am in London. In other words, I normally forget I am in London. Studying in London was one of my biggest dreams 3 years ago. I'm living in my dream now. However, it is difficult to know how lucky I am. Even I'm moaning and groaning. :(
I would like to change my attitude to my life.
Stop moaning and being lazy!
Let's enjoy my great time in my life!
Bravo my life!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

[001] I'm a designer!

In fact, before I studied design, I wanted to be an illustrator. The reason was so simple, because I liked drawing. However, I saw lots of talented illustrators and penty of their works. I thought I was not able to do like them. But, I admire drawing and illustrations, because they are talking without any word. Everybody can understand what they want to say with their drawing. It's very amazing!
Anyhow, I did sometimes illustrations.
From now, I will try to draw everyday, draw anything.
It's one of my plans for 2011. Well, we will see how many illustrations here. :)

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Let's start again.

It was a great xmas holiday indeed.
I will not forget the lovely time and people.

It is time to go back to study.
I wish all of us a great new year!
Hello 2011!