Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The frist post & the second winter in London.

It's my first post here. ;-)
I feel excited and a bit strange, because I'm writing in English. (haha)
Actually, I have a blog in a Korean blog site, even though I don't use it often.
I want to share something with people in English. It would be my works, experiences, thought, etc.
I'm studying in London now, so it means I have to use English everyday.
It's still very hard. Sadly forever!?
Anyhow, I'm having the second winter in London.
It's very cold.

Good night!


  1. I'm your first comment and i'm happy to write you few words.
    I'm gonna put this bog with others i read.
    I'm sure it will be an interesting as well as nice blog.

    Well done ! xxx

  2. Wow!!! It is a great idea and we can keep in touch all the time!!! I loved it! ;)