Sunday, 29 May 2011

[Exhibition] Hand-drawn London (Museum of London)

When I was extremely busy with my assessement, I heard about this samll exhibition "Hand-drwan London". Altough there wasn't any free time, I just went to Museum of London to see the exhibition.
Well, it was worthy to visit!
There were 11 hand-drawn maps of London.
Among them, some maps looked very professional but the others did not.
However, every map was lovely and inspiring. 
As it's described on the website (,
it's not as a factual or geographical tool, but based on the individual experience,
perceptions and imaginations of Londoners.

This exhibition reminded me how strong the power of hand drawings is!!
The hand drawings have somthing more than photography or digital images have.

So, my conclusion is?
I should carry on my hand drwaing!!

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