Wednesday, 23 November 2011

[023] Welcome back!

Obviously, I have to admit that I have been so lazy.
My last post was done in June. Yes, It’s such a long time ago.
What’s happened in my life??
Well, I'm still in London but I'm not a student anymore.
I'm again very free to do whatever I want. (Maybe, it's too much freedom. : P)

In fact, I really wanted to make my blog working very actively.
It was just my wish. BOOOOM!

Anyhow, I've come back with my newest(!) small drawing.
It is for my friend Mitsuko, who studied with me in the language school in London.
She visited London again for her holiday and luckily we got a chance to catch up.
I couldn't prepare something special, but this small drawing.

I met many people from many different sides of world in London.
Sadly, it is very very difficult to meet them again after they went back their home countries.
Yep, for the reason, having a chance to meet up Mitsuko again after one year is great and meaningful!
I was really glad to meet her!!!
This is my welcome message for her.
Now, she is in Japan now and I'm in London.

I hope we can meet up sooner than we think! :)


  1. Hey!!! Welcome back!! I've been waiting for your post!!!

    This is such a lovely drawing!!! Your friend must love it!!!!!

  2. Thank you!! :)
    Yes, I should post more often. We will see. ;)