Friday, 30 November 2012

Let's Fly 2013 - illustration calendar

I'm glad to show my first ever illustration calendar - Let's Fly 2013 (하늘을 나는 2013)
Here are the illustrations about 12 ways how to fly.
Each month show the imaginary way of flying.
January - Dumbo (덤보)
February - Angel (천사)
March - Rocket shoes (로켓신발)
April - Balloon (풍선)
May - Dandelions (민들레씨)
June - Blanket (담요)
July - Umbrella (우산)
August - Jonathan Livingston Seagull (갈매기의 꿈: 조나단 리빙스턴)
September - Bicycle (자전거)
October -Helicopter (헬리콥터)
November - Butterflies (나비)
December - Be happy (행복하기)
Which one is your favourite way of flying?
Personally the best way of flying is 'being happy'.
When we are happy, we feel like flying.
Don't we??
Let's flying in 2013.
Let's be happy in 2013.
This is the message of my illustration calendar after all.
You can buy it at Greenwich Market in London.
also don't forget my online store -
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