Thursday, 1 August 2013

Long time no blogging! + Big news!

It's August! 
Already! I cannot believe that.
I have been away from my blog for ages, haven't I?

Anyway here I am!!
I'm going to post everyday this month.
Hope I can keep my word. Wish me luck.

In fact, I've got big NEWS!

I'm going to do my first solo exhibition in London in September!
Precisely from 4th to 15th September!! 
The opening party is going to be on 4th Sep!
The venue is a gallery called 'Mokspace' in front of the British Museum. 
I will post more info about the exhibition with time. :)
Doing my own exhibition was on my wish lists for long long time.
Finally, I've got a great chance to exhibit. Yeap!!!
I am really lucky. :)

Well, Well~ I am so excited and nervous.
I've been worried about the exhibition with doing nothing, but
there is no more time to waste for worrying.

Need to produce something to show to my lovely guests at my exhibition.
I will show my old and new works. 
Here are some pics. Yeap, I can do it!!!! 

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