Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Drawing Hand @ Greenwich Market

I started having my stall at Greenwich Market on 22 August.

It has been about 2 months now.
I'm still very new in the market.
There are so many things to consider and buy for the stall.
I have wanted to post about my Greenwich market stall.
Finally, here we are now. ;)
It's my trial day, 22 August.
I couldn't sleep much because I had to prepare so many things and was very nervous.
However, the day went so great.
I met a few people who kindly liked my illustrations.
Even I made a bit profit~!!! Yeah!
It was Wednesday! For that reason, I strongly believe that Wednesday is my lucky day in the market!
So I'm still going to the market every Wednesday. Ha ha
(If you want see me in the market, come to say hello on Wednesday!)
The market manager told me come again on Friday.
I started to draw something on the papers bags.
I've been trying to draw something can make people smile and feel good.
Hope people can notice my intention.


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