Sunday, 16 January 2011

[004] It's one of the reasons.

Well, I went to see the exhibition "Gauguin : maker of myth" in Tate modern yesterday. Finally!!!
(Today is the last day!  I almost missed it!) I like the exhibitions which we can see closer and know closer about artists' works and their lives. This exhibition is one of those.

It was a great time except there were so many late people who wanted to see the special exhibition like me. I know I should accept that I'm lucky because I didn't miss it at least! There were totla 11 rooms which had different themes. Among them, I liked the room 4-Gauguin's drawings. I like seeing artists' drawings because I could notice how they have made their efforts in order to achieve their artistic or personal goals. It makes me do the same like them. Do my best for my goal!
Well, Well. Come back to the exhibition. I found out Gauguin's humor in his works. We (I went with my friend.) really enjoyed the exhibition. When I reached the room 8 - life and times 1889-1903, I read the sentences, "Gauguin's first stay in Tahiti lasted from 1891 to June 1893. Despite loneliness and financial worries, Gauguin worked productively, 'I am quite pleased with my recent works', he wrote to Mette in June 1892."
-Despite loneliness and financial worries...
It said he was just like me but he worked productively. Wow, so that's why he is one of great artists.
In couclusion, I like him more than before after this exhibition.
Despite loneliness and financial worries in London, I will work productively! :)

Well, going to the great exhibitions and having coffee with friends...
It is one of the reasons why we are in London, isn't it?

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